The strategic impact of purchasing

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The strategic impact of purchasing

With our world changing faster every day, purchasing and contract management are more important than ever. After all, finding and contracting the right suppliers is what enables an organization to most effectively meet its goals and ambitions. Organizations are now recognizing the increased strategic value of purchasing. They know that making the right choices now reduces the risk of challenging problems years down the road.

In order to meet the ever-increasing purchasing needs of a modern organization, an easily structured purchasing and contract management processes is critical. It is essential to make use of an organization’s institutional knowledge, and to make decisions based on current data. Finding the right products or services at the right time, in a legitimate way, is not something you
do alone, it is a continuous, collaborative process.

Negometrix helps to get most value from your work, your organization, and from the market.

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From facilitating to directing

Our mission: To create value by combining supply and demand in a smart, structured way – enabling more effective agreements and relationships.

Negometrix is the market leader in digital tendering in the Netherlands. We’ve offered the most innovative procurement and contract management platform for both public and private organizations for 20 years.

We create a structure to organize fragmented data and processes. This enables purchasing to manage the entire Source- to- Contract process in one reliable environment, empowering buyers and contract managers to take up a strategic position within the organization.

We believe in user-friendly software that seamlessly facilitates the process, integrates with other systems, and converts data into management and decision-making information. We also enable decentralized purchasing. Users access only the functionality they need. Organizations get an intuitive tool that matches the complexity of that organization’s processes.

In this way we offer a unique level of control, taking purchasing, and thus your organization as a whole,  to a higher level.

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"To create value by combining supply and demand in a smart, structured way - enabling more effective agreements and relationships."

At Negometrix we stand for:

The best purchasing and contract management software

User-friendly and smart purchasing and contract management software with which we convert data into information and ensure that processes match organizational needs.

100% reliability

That means always available, future-proof, and with certifications in order.

Approachable team with professional knowledge

Not just bits and bytes. But people who help you digitize and optimize purchasing and contract management processes.

Great service desk

The best service for all users, including your colleagues and suppliers. Every working day from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Service is in our DNA.

Equal opportunity for suppliers

Market forces and a level playing field are essential to get the best out of the market. We therefore do not charge providers and provide them with the best support.

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