This is Negometrix

Every day we engage with our customers to achieve the best results. Agile development of our efficient software, a tailored implementation for your organization and high level customer support is what makes us achieve these results.

Alejandra Charry Trainee Digital customer On-boarding manager
Olov Schuurman Consultant
Diede van Balen Consultant
Emma Shaffer Consultant
Charlene Ngo Consultant
Tom Lindelauf Account manager
Avital Hamilton Consultant
Steve Isaac Marketing Manager
Evgeniya Takeva Business Analyst
Yogesh Yadav Software engineer
Darin Matthews Director of Content
Erik Aalbersberg Sales Consultant
Bilalia Mubashshir Consultant
Clare McInerney Consultant
Betina Ivanova Software QA Engineer
Helen Tekle Consultant
Malaka de Vass Gunawardena Product Owner
Max van der Poel Account manager
Jan Siderius President Negometrix USA Inc.
Marit Smith Servicedesk Consultant
Stefan Mitev UX Designer
Leon Steenbrink Chief Financial Officer
Tom Moorman Service Desk Consultant
Dora Ivanova Financial Accountant
Bozhidara Vuteva Software Engineer
Sander de Vocht Chief Executive Officer
Luuk Bijleveld Sales Consultant
Yordan Betsinski Software Engineer
Stiliyan Angelov Software Developer
Tihomir Dimov Product Owner
Neli Panayotova Software Engineer
Darina Velinova Software QA Engineer
Milen Zafirov Software Developer
Sander Hoek Product Owner
Reinout Hofman Team Captain Servicedesk
Victoria Kogan Consultant
Dorien Goedhart Consultant
Bjorn Olsthoorn Product Owner
Bas Damoiseaux Product Owner
Kristine van Steinvoorn Chief Product Officer
Ted Soepboer Sales Manager
Stefan Sinapov Senior Software Developer
Nina Markova Software Engineer
Mitko Paskov Product Owner
Iliyan Havov Senior Software Engineer
Ianko Kostadinov Managing Director
Evgeniya Petrova Senior Software Engineer
Atanas Koev CTO
Asen Kirilov Research and Development Engineer
Marianne van Dijk Account Manager
Biser Stoev Software Engineer
Maarten Tilburgs Sales Consultant
Orlagh Cuddy Servicedesk Consultant
Ardine van den Ende Product Owner
Hein van Schaik Chief Operations Officer
Sree Latha Kancherla Team Lead Development
Martijn van de Craats Senior Developer
Thom Argante Consultant
Sebastiaan Tillema Team Captain Account Management
Randy Nijstad Account Manager
Chantal Dobbenga Consultant
Mark Schunselaar Team Captain Sales
Louis Gossieau Marketing Manager
Antonio Angelov Software Engineer
Ivelin Evtimov Software Engineer
Jivko Todorov Software Engineer