Public Procurement Insights from the US

Darin Matthews, Nicole van der Helm (Negometrix)

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What’s going on in the public procurement world within the US? Darin Matthews will address the legal framework of procurement, both at the federal and local level: while Federal regulations are narrowly defined, there is no nation-wide legal public procurement framework.

Most US states have made their own rules covering the more than 100.000 US government agencies. Typically, they resemble each other from state to state, but there are marked differences. In some US states, rules can even differ from county to county.

Finding various tender announcements can also be a challenge for businesses. Suppliers complain as there is not a central point to find all the opportunities. While some states and systems do have e-procurement systems that offer this function, it is far from universal or widely adopted.

Please be aware that this session will be in English.

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Darin Matthews

Darin Matthews – Negometrix

Nicole van der Helm

Nicole van der Helm – Negometrix

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