Mercell allows your organization to go 100% digital with the help of a powerful eProcurement and Contract Management platform.

The Future of Procurement

Efficient and Sustainable Digital Procurement

The combination of fully digital and integrated eProcurement technology and high-level customer support for buyers and suppliers is what makes Mercell unique.

We offer a broad range of procurement modules to help you streamline your process and leverage actionable insights in your sourcing activities, overall spend, and supplier relations.

With Mercell, it's easy to go digital while making your Procurement process more efficient, transparent, and sustainable.

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Industry-leading Support

Procurement processes can be complex and time consuming for both buyers and suppliers. The implications of winning or losing a contract are big and there are strict deadlines that all participants need to work with.

That’s why our support is the best in the industry. Buyers and Suppliers alike have access to our in-house team of experts via phone, email, and chat at no additional cost. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are on call to give you the best possible service as quickly as possible, and our consultants are ready to support you in your digital e-Procurement transition.

Our Service Desk is available during standard business hours: Monday to Friday from 8am – 7pm.

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Comprehensive Procurement Transformation

The world of procurement is changing rapidly. New techniques and technologies are enabling a more efficient and sustainable procurement process. This has led to better informed purchasing decisions than ever.

Every day, Mercell engages with customers to understand their needs and inform agile development of our platform. We are with you in every step of your digital transformation, making sure you have the tools you need as procurement takes the lead in providing organization-wide savings and efficiencies.

As you deliver new insights for your organization, we back you up with powerful software and high-level training and support.

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Intelligent Software

Intelligent Software

User-friendly software used by more than 400 professional purchasing departments worldwide.

Eager People

Eager People

Mercell is known for its instant support and open culture. Not just high-end software but a friendly face to assist in your work.

100% Reliable

100% Reliable

We understand what is at stake. You can count on Mercell.

Personal Support

Personal Support

The best service in our industry, 10 hours a day. Support is in our DNA.