About Mercell

Our Mission

Our mission is the complete digitization of procurement around the globe. To facilitate that transformation, we conceive, design, develop, release, market, implement, service, and maintain a software as a service transforming solicitations and contracts in intuitive and efficient workflows. We stay close to our world-wide client community; buyers and contract managers, offering them organization-wide tools to contract the best value suppliers and maintain optimal relationships with these suppliers.

Mercell frees users from paper, unorganized emails, Excel, Word, and PDF documents, structures and reduces the procurement workload, makes procurement more visible in an organization, increases vendor participation, and leads to control, 24/7.

Our Vision

Mercell is a thought leader and a driving force towards making procurement and contract management 100% digital. We believe that when everyone is working within a transparent, digital solution, there are dramatic improvements in internal and supplier participation.

We pride ourselves on offering users the highest quality customer service and implementation support that they have ever experienced.

Our organization is open, diverse, fun, inclusive, fair, yet ambitious and driven. To our team, we offer career opportunities by placing growth of the employee and the company over short term profit margin improvements.

Our Platform

We use our knowledge, expertise, and innovative power both strategically and operationally, in order to support buyers in the development of their value chains, in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, and continuity. Our Platform has multiple modules and can be shaped to fit the digitization needs of any organization.

"Creating value and bringing supply and demand together in a smart, structured way thereby creating effective agreements and relationships"