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Mercell’s Negometrix platform is ​​active in both the US and Europe. The logins below are for the US only. Please check with the public agency on which product they are using, before registering on one of our platforms.

The classic Negometrix platform, active since 2010.

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The latest iteration of the Negometrix platform.

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Bid opportunities available on Negometrix4 can be found by clicking on the button below.

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Looking for the European Negometrix platform?

For Negometrix4 Europe, click here .
For Negometrix3 Europe, click here .

Invited to a specific bid or solicitation?

The invitation you received contains a product name, logo, and URL for the correct application.

In Europe and found an interesting tender on TenderNed or TED?

Check the name of the product and the URL to the correct application in the publication.
You can always find the exact publication on  TED  (Europe) or  TenderNed  (The Netherlands).


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Feel free to contact our service desk.

Negometrix USA

Phone: (724) 888-5294

Negometrix EU

Phone: +31 (0) 85 20 84 666